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On Monday (April 23), Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War had it’s Hollywood premiere — and if early feedback is any indication, Marvel Studios’ most anticipated film to date did not disappoint!


The latest Avengers installment has been shrouded in secrecy, even more so than the previous Marvel movie-verse outings. There was a lack of press screenings, a number of dummy scripts were handed out (some even given to the more prone-so-spoiling actors!), and multiple fake alternate scenes shot over the course of filming, all to protect the movie from being spoiled.


Monday’s premiere comes just days before the film officially hits theaters, with official reviews coming out Tuesday. But early reactions have been popping up, and folks, signs point to one thing: Infinity War is definitely living up to its hype!


Check out some of what the lucky premiere audience have been saying:


“AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is very weighty and juggles most of its characters with consideration. It’s the closest thing to a Paul Thomas Anderson movie you’ll find in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I Am Shook! #Marvel #AvengersInfinityWar

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“Buy a ticket for a second viewing of #AvengersInfinityWar now. The movie delivers, it’s huge, and no one in your theater is going to be able to sit quietly through this one. Expect the unexpected.”


#AvengersInfinityWar wrecked me and it’s probably going to wreck you. Can’t wait to see it again.”


“Infinity WOW! #InfinityWar. Lots of payoffs. Stay till the very END. That’s all I’m saying.”


#Avengers #InfinityWar: Wow. Just…WOW! I was NOT expecting THIS! What a ballsy movie! Blown away! See this NOW! Do not get spoiled! Can’t believe what I just saw!!!!”


“One of the best films I’ve ever seen. I am emotionally drained. #InfinityWarPremiere

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“There is a lot of mind-blowing stuff in #AvengersInfinityWar, emotional, funny and lives up to the hype”


IS IT FRIDAY YEEEEEET???!!! Can’t wait!

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