They may not be complete, but it’s a start – and we just love getting a glimpse of these ladies together again after so long!


Taylor Swift is a huge celebrity. HUGE. And she’s known for many things, most notably: Her massive talent, her ex-boyfriends, her feuds with other celebrities. And her squad.


Ah, yes, we all remember those days when Taylor and her squad of famous friends would regularly go out and paint the town red. From paparazzi shots to guest performances and cameos to social media posts declaring undying friendship, we just ate it all up – and we couldn’t get enough!


But then, following turbulent times that culminated in that Kim-Kanye takedown of Taylor almost two years ago, Taylor broke free of the limelight, staying under the radar. Gone were the sightings and the gushy posts, leaving us all wondering: Are they all still friends??? And predictably, rumors that the squad is no more have been persistently making the rounds.


On Friday (July 13) however, something very rare and truly magical happened: Taylor was seen with members of her squad!


First there was Gigi Hadid, whom Taylor spent time with in NYC. The gorgeous gal pals’ outfits totally representing the Taylor Swift brand too – Taylor with her cats Meredith and Olivia on her shirt, and Gigi in a sweater with Reputation era snakes!


Then, Taylor and Gigi went on to meet Martha Hunt and the Haim sisters – both also noted members of the squad!



AND THEN! Gigi, Martha, and the Haims flew to Pennsylvania that night to watch Taylor’s Reputation show, joined by Kennedy Raye and Ashley Avignone. JUST LIKE OLD TIMES!!! Fans were able to catch the ladies totally rocking out to their bff! Gigi even posted a sweet message after the concert:


“If I could find the words, I would explain how happy it makes me to watch you perform @taylorswift. I’m so proud to experience this celebration of clarity & strength with you. WHAT A SHOW. You did it again. Love you to the moon.”


And to add icing to the already super sweet cake, apparently before traveling to the show Taylor and the girls hung out at her NYC apartment. And then they visited her hometown of Reading —- and visited her old childhood bedroom! Taylor herself shared a super adorable photo of the squad chilling in her old room, captioning it with lyrics from her song “Never Grow Up”:


“Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room…”



Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room…

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We are completely loving this development! After all, the last major squad outing was way back in October 2016.


Could the squad be getting back together in the spotlight? WILL WE SEE ULTIMATE BESTIES TAYLOR AND KARLIE KLOSS OUT TOGETHER AGAIN??? (Please let the answer be yes!)

Taylor Swift Gets The Squad Back Together!

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