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Twice the talent, twice the fun. Hot former boybanders with hot solo careers. Iconic pop princesses with iconic style. Witty stars and their witty social media.


Hollywood’s all about taking things to the next level. And your go-to weekly source for everything entertainment and more is serving you all the tastiest tidbits!



What’s on POPSTAR! This Week?


Talent, style, wit, and seeing double:

  • Celebrity twins
  • Boybanders turned successfully solo artists
  • Pop princesses who ruled in music and in style
  • Stars with hilarious social media game


Get all the talented, stylin, uber-funny goods with POPSTAR! This Week host, actress/TV personality Elizabeth Stanton (This Just In, Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World), and celebrity panelists Devon Werkheiser (Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide), Anna Maria Perez De Tagle (Hannah Montana, Camp Rock), Sheridan Pierce (Dear White People), Neel Ghosh (Of Everything That Stands), and Noah Matthews (True Blood)!


Which celebrity panelist has been friends with Nick Jonas for 10 years? Which of them went to the same school as the Olsen twins? Who is their favorite Spice Girl?


All of this and more are on POPSTAR! This Week! Catch this week’s gabfest right here!


Your hip new weekly show brings you the hottest in celebrity news, fashion, entertainment, pop culture trivia, and more. If you’re into it, POPSTAR! This Week is definitely talking about it!


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MUST-SEE: Talent, Wit, Style & Seeing Double Are On POPSTAR! This Week!

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