Joey King and Jacob Elordi totally made us swoon on at their romantic pairing on The Kissing Booth. Now, she’s opening about her real-life romance with her co-star.


Joey and Jacob, who play Elle and Noah, in the teen rom-com gave us all the feels as they figured out their characters’ budding romance. But maybe the reason why their on-screen chemistry was so believable, is because they have it off screen too!


The two lovebirds aren’t shy about posting their sweet photos on social media. In an interview with the New York times, Joey opened up about her relationship with Jacob. “It’s exciting for people to know what they saw on screen was real.”



The film’s writer and director, Vince Marcello, added, “You never plan for that, you don’t expect it to happen, but they’re so great together, and it shows in every scene.”


They totally are, and their real life relationship had them blowing up on social media. Joey went from 600,000 to 5.4 million followers on Instagram, while Jacob went from 15,000 to 4.8 million.


Awww…these two breakout stars are match made in heaven, on and off the screen!

Joey King On Jacob Elordi: “It’s exciting for people to know what they saw on screen was real”

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