We’ve heard her voice in theaters in Hotel Transylania 3: Summer Vacation; we’ve seen her in the creepy short film Love Story; but who hasn’t missed seeing Selena Gomez on the big screen?


The wait might be over soon! According to IMDB, Selena has a couple of projects in the works – and she was just spotted in Fleischmanns, New York filming a movie with Austin Butler, Bill Murray, Chloe Sevigny and Adam Driver.


A guy named Alan Powell, recently shared that their town (none other than Fleischmann, New York!) and his house are being used as the set for the movie. The movie is tentatively called Kill The Head.



Ghostbusters star Bill Murray has also talked about filming a zombie movie – but he referenced it by another title – The Dead Don’t Die. Sharing a little teaser about it back in March, Bill told Philly, “I’ve got a good job coming up. Brace yourself: It’s a zombie movie. Jim Jarmusch has written a zombie script that’s so hilarious and it has a cast of great actors: Rosie Perez, Daniel Craig. It’s titled The Dead Don’t Die, and it shoots over the summer. But, no, I will not play a zombie.”



Well, it is summer now, and based on the clothes the actors are wearing, Bill will NOT be playing a zombie. On-set photos show Bill, Chloe and Adam in police uniforms, while Selena and Austin are dressed bloody costumes. We wonder what roles they’ll be playing in the movie!

Selena has yet to confirm her involvement on the project, but it looks like the “Wolves” singer is having a lot of fun on the set. She’s been photographed skipping and smiling – she even signed some autographed for fans!

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Is Selena Gomez In A New Zombie Movie?

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