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She may be absolutely stunning, but even Camila Cabello struggled for a long time to accept the way she looks.


In an interview with Elle magazine, the 21-year-old singer shared how she eventually came to love herself – flaws and all. She shared:

 “I did [feel pressure to look a certain way] when I was a little bit younger because I started when I was 15. There were times where I didn’t feel pretty.


Being in the public eye just makes it a little bit harder because you have to put on this confident, smiling face. I think every girl experiences that feeling of, ‘I don’t feel pretty enough. I don’t like this about my face. I wish I could change this about myself.’”


She went on to say that social media can feed into a person’s insecurities:

I think being bombarded with perfect images of people on social media gives you this kind of unrealistic, impossible bar to live up to.”


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And Camila laid out all her beauty insecurities, one by one:

“I could name a lot of really dumb ones. I don’t like the right side of my face, I feel like my face looks different on the right side. Also my teeth—I have some really crooked teeth on the bottom. There’s one [tooth] that just juts out when I smile which is not fun.

But, whatever, it adds character!”


Camila Cabello Has Learned To Love Her Beauty Flaws

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