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We know Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick are starring in movie together. It’s been buzzing on social media for months. (Remember that time Blake erased everything on her Instagram and only followed women named Emily Nelson? And that time when Blake and Anna hilariously trolled Ryan Reynold on Twitter?)


But what is it about, exactly? A Simple Favor is a mystery thriller starring these two gifted actresses and directed by Paul Feig. It looks into the disappearance of Emily after asking “a simple favor” from her friend, Stephanie.


Blake plays the intriguing as Emily Nelson. She is described by her husband (played by Henry Golding) as a “beautiful ghost.” Another character observes that she’s “never seen such a beautiful girl want to be so invisible.”


Her matter-of-fact but totally haunting way of telling Stephanie, “You do not want to be friends with me. Trust me,” got us wondering what secrets she’s hiding.


Anna plays Stephanie Ward, a vlogger mom who gets sucked into the world of Emily. But is she as innocent as she appears to be? Or does she know more than she’s letting on?


After seeing the trailer, we’re more curious than ever to find out the answer to: “What happened to Emily?”


 “A Simple Favor” Drops Official Trailer

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